Wellness at Work

My job requires me to be at my desk all day. I am grateful that my workplace values wellness and has equipped every office with desks that raise to standing height, so I spend much of my day standing.

I found a way to keep myself entertained at work while trying to stay active. I grabbed  four of reams of copy paper and stacked them two up, side-by-side. I am using them for calf raises and for step ups.


It could be a tad higher for step ups but I risk the paper shifting and me falling down, which would likely be frowned upon by HR in the instance of a workplace injury. I’ve decided I need to purchase a fitness stepper for my office. I have purchased some resistance bands that I intend on using, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Over the next two months I am going to really try to improve the strength in my legs and my cardio capacity for a hiking trip that I have planned in August. I am looking forward to climbing the tallest mountain in Maine, something I have always wanted to do. Once I got my MS diagnosis I knew I needed to make it a priority, while I am doing fine now, the uncertainty of this condition is always at the back of my minds.



When you’re out of the groove

I wanted to write this post about how to get re-motivated when you’ve lost your spark, but sadly I don’t actually have any advice to give as I am trying to discover this myself.

I have been away from my general fitness lifestyle routine and all social media for a little while due to multiple changes and stressors in my life that I am dealing with.

I’ve mentioned before, I recently moved, which has been great, I am loving the new place. I am now in the throws of what is looking like is going to be a complicated divorce. It’s not fun, its greatly affected many aspects of my life and has many things difficult.

My father passed away sort of unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago and that too has really thrown me off my game. I’ll admit that I have felt the ugly feeling of depression of the past month or so and it’s really wearing down on me.

I know what I need to do. I need to again look to exercise and helping others as my passion. I need to get back to the gym and start slow and remember that It is good for my physical and mental well-being.

Next week I start two new classes, Wellness and Introduction to Community Health. Both of these are in line with my goals and should be very helpful and informative. I’ve also joined my company’s Wellness Committee; I am looking forward to making Wellness a cornerstone of my life once again.